USA Construction Industry Links to Academia

US industrial development through academic research and application of information has been significantly enhanced by the formation of The Construction Industry Institute, (CII) based in Austin at The University of Texas. This is a comprised of more than 120 established high quality contractors, engineering companies, and construction firms from across the USA, in both government and private sector. These companies  are involved in all aspects of the industry such commercial development, aspects  home construction such as roofing, specialist foundation repair and remedial work and large scale civil projects.

This body is at the forefront of research and development in the industry. This unique academic organization is in existence to bring its knowledge and experience to improve cost efficiency and sustainability within the US construction sector.


The CII remains a mainstay partner in engineering education in the USA and was designed to develop data driven models and techniques to benefit the industry and consumer alike.Students within the CII eventually become valuable resources that improve both the industry and academic research promoting efficiency and cost savings which will be passed down to the end user over time.


The ultimate goal of improving the construction industry is achieved by the sharing of valuable scientific data and research findings within the industry and associated academic bodies. The most common method is through publication of reports, meetings, conferences and working in collaboration with other industry and educational entities.


CII publications are available as electronic copies from the CII website and in addition, academic researchers outside the CII may access publications at member prices, by calling (512) 232-3016. Proof of student identification is required.


CII Best Practices 

The ethos of the CII is to work within a group of best practices and a set of core values, which may be summarized below. These principles have been proven by industry validation to be effective and lead to gains in efficiency and project success rates. These are also compared across the performance of the industry as a whole, to determine the absolute best practice and maximal efficiency for construction.


The Advanced Work Packaging

is a process which deals with detailed planning and design and provides a framework within which make gains and provide integration of planning construction and operations. This in turn leads to increased time efficiency and reduced cost.


Risk Assessment

It is essential to identify, assess and manage risks on any given project to develop strategies for their removal; these can involve physical or financial risks or anything which may threaten the smooth running of the project.


Avoiding Disputes & Litigation

With numerous teams and disciplines involved in construction projects, it is often the case that disputes arise and may lead to expensive and damaging litigation claims. The Disputes Review Board as an resolution process for avoiding these issues before they escalate and affect the completion of the project itself.


Materials Efficiency & Management

This important aspect of the planning process tries to ensure that the quantity and quality of equipment and materials are specified on time at the right cost and with minimal delay, which has important implications for bringing a given project to a completion within budget.


Reducing Accidents on Site

CII encourages an attitude that accidents are totally preventable through Project Risk Assessment Include specific safety programs and implementation and efforts to create a safe project environment and a level of training that encourages this completely.


Promoting Modular Construction

Outsourcing modular construction increases efficiency and fabrication companies play an important role in a given project being completed on time and within budget. They also allow a much higher rate of construction in most cases and pose a great argument for offsite construction to increase in the next 10-15 years.


High Level Quality Control

Quality control management covers any activity conducted to improve the efficiency, contract adherence and cost efficacy of design, engineering, procurement, construction activities of a given construction project.


Joining the CII

Should you wish to benefit from membership please contact Pipper Ramsay, Member Support (512) 232-3006 to get an up to date quote of the fees and advantages of being a member. This is subject to approval by the Executive Committees. To discuss any aspect of the organization or apply to join, please contact us.